If you are looking for the best places to buy your telescope in India, you have come to the right place. Check out the following vendors to buy astronomy equipment like telescopes, binoculars, telescope mounts, star trackers, planetary cameras, deep space cameras etc.

  • Tejraj – Tejraj is one of the oldest and most dependable vendors in India. They stock equipment from a wide variety of brands like Explorer Scientific, GSO, iOptron, Bresser, William Optics, Orion and Meade. They ship through out India and I have purchased my 6 inch GSO Newt, 8 inch GSO Classical Cassegrain and iOptron CEM25P from them. You can get a 5% discount at Tejraj – click here to get my affilialte code.
  • Goscientifics – Goscientifics is a new vendor but they offer excellent prices and is the go-to vendor for ZWO cameras in India. I have been hearing great reviews of their service and packaging.
  • C-Sky – If you are looking for a Skywatcher products in India, then this is where you need to go.
  • Another option you can consider is direct import from reputed vendors abroad – however consider the high import duty as well – around 42% – you should check on the imports duty for your specific products while considering purchase and also include this while comparing prices with local vendors.