Astronomy and Planetary Astrophotography Software

I recently purchased a new laptop after my old one died unexpectedly. I had to install a bunch of software that I use for astronomy and my main hobby of planetary astrophotography. I thought it would be a good idea to list it down, so here goes.

Stellarium – Stellarium is a planetarium software that can be used to plan observations. I use the desktop version for windows but there is also a web version available.

SharpCap Pro – SharpCap Pro is my primary software for capturing data from my astronomy camera.

PIPP – PIPP is a preprocessing software with a wide variety of functions like extracting R/G/B channels, binning, converting footage to AVI etc

SER Player – While capturing footage in raw format, it can be saved as an SER file – this is a useful too to review the ser footage.

Autostakkert – Everyone’s favorite planetary stacking software.

AstroSurface – I have grown to like AstroSurface very much – it provides stacking and processing capability in a single program.

Registax – Registax while not popular anymore for stacking, is still widely used for image processing using wavelets and other tools.

Gimp – Free general purpose image processing. I use to for post processing of stacked and sharpened images.

Winjupos – I primarily use Winjupos for derotation and combining data from multiple footages in a session.

I will continue to update this list and provide more information to this post. I hope you found it useful, feel free to suggest any other tools.

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